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Doing Business in San Marino

From opaque model to transparent model. The current international economic situation also imposes to the Republic of San Marino and to other countries, not only a deep review of its economic model towards mechanisms of transparency and efficiency but also a real cultural transition.
In this publication, the authors offer the reader an overview of the main elements and news on fiscal matters, tax, corporate and international issues characterizing this important step for the Country’s economy.


written by Mr. Antonio Valentini and Mrs. Valentina Vannoni

Edizione FAG S.r.l.
Via Garibaldi, 5 – 20090 Assago (MI)

San Marino an island in the storm

Throughout its secular existence, the Republic of San Marino, this “splinter of republican life” has had to deal with unpredictable and threatening “storms”, always resolved.

Recently, the birth of the subject Europe launched to the small Republic of San Marino an additional new challenge, linked to a potential process of integration with a market of over 450 million people. Linked to current events is also the negative parable, of that “non-economic model,” spontaneously developed by the late Sixties and entered irrevocably into crisis in the first decade of the third millennium.

From here on, the Republic of San Marino will emerge stronger only if a new reformer course will disrupts the inaction of the past decade.



written by Mr. Antonio Valentini and Mrs. Valentina Vannoni

AIEP Editore S.r.l.
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